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The purpose of advertising is to sell and interact with each other in order to share

maybe I didn’t start with the idea at the beginning, so I was especially concerned about whether clients would make the creative work done by the advertising company, and I was afraid that they would waste their money. In the past, keep in mind that the goal of advertising is nothing more than three: to attract attention, enhance brand, and achieve sales, and the ultimate goal is always sales, sales, or sales?. Customers are always insatiable in greed.

          recently a few days off together to create a new Cookie with your own home business LP, with deep feeling, is used by the most money, the most perfect thing to do. Moreover, Ogilvy famously first "the purpose of advertising is to sell". But creative people are always very helpless, we can do is to attract attention, enhance the brand, have confidence in the two things, but whether it is a sales surprise, after all, sales of this thing is not a creative staff can around (see the times per person, simply not about this era). If so, what kind of marketing, planning, public relations and sales are you going to do? So, in the strict sense, you need to add another word, which is called "help to reach sales"". Do we believe Mr. Obama’s words? You want to play for the customer to take Dayi sales responsibility the fond dream?. There should be a cautious skepticism about the first half of the title, unless the sales here are not only products, but also consumer brand experiences. The effect of advertising is in fact a conspiracy between creativity and the media, only creativity and no proper stage, even if Xiao Shenyang is not so famous. Brainwashing educational ads on TV are backed by huge media costs. It took Xiao Shenyang, the real money is not a gala opportunity, but excellent quality assurance and Errenzhuan Liu big stage field full of distribution channels. Back to advertising, too, advertising, product quality and channel both lines, in order to achieve sales.

so if we change it, there are two purposes of advertising. The first is to maximize the benefits of tangible value, and the second is to maximize the benefits of intangible values. Tangible value refers to the never bluffing real money, real products will sell well, the pursuit of short-term gains across the board. The intangible value is to make consumers become brands of hot fans, the formation of long-term purchasing power can be expected.

network has such a map, consumer behavior patterns after the Web2.0 from AIDMA into AISAS. It is clear that traditional advertising is linear thinking, and that the end of consumer behavior is buying (which is purely the client’s ideal self logic). And consumers are liberated by Web2.0’s thinking, consumers are not in the traditional sense of the consumer, but a traditional + Digital Synthesis of sagittarius. As a human being, the value of sustainable marketing has been gradually emphasized, so the marketing tools such as interaction, word of mouth, CRM and so on are mentioned.

it can be seen from this diagram that the purpose of interaction is not at the end of the sale

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