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Mall he is so to create a monthly income of over a million websites

finished the "poor try network" is the first pot of gold, and I discuss the QQ, said the story was too Xiaohua there is a special case, because it itself is a technical background. Finished writing "do not understand technology, but also realize the day into 300 yuan", someone added my QQ, said that want me to make a complete workflow, they have believed that without technology, really can realize the day into 300. But I only encumbered, and so have the opportunity, in the days after the blog to write out.

recently added my QQ friend and asked the most questions about how to make money, how to make money online, and so on and so forth. The author can answer one by one at the beginning, but at the end, it is impossible to answer. That advice too many friends, and I also have great doubts that Mo on the network to make money, even the reality of the industry, to achieve a monthly income of over 10000, is impossible.

I can only sigh. Each industry has its own industry hero, who can make money depends entirely on whether he intentions. Ask whether Shenzhen, beggars money? A day into the thousands of stories, I believe you have heard when the. Then you have to say, only in Shenzhen so busy place, beggars can have so much income. No! A young woman on the bridge, carrying; shop outside the door, begging for disabled persons to passers-by; traffic lights, bald man hand over Zuoyi; station pier, pengtou and old people kneel down; the scorching sun, pregnant women to strive for. You may think it is a specific group of people, so, please look for, someone said "please help the 8 yuan a ride home, thanks to the street!" the man is over 28, the young and handsome man! A beggar in this industry, are so broad spirit, and network


said from searching for work and not her way, to found the construction company web site to make money, and because of the wrong people for their own established many competitors, and then to change strategy, enabled unable to replicate his technical staff, at last, after a period of operation, the cause of Xiaohua’s daily expenses on the upgrade, remove and the monthly income has reached twenty thousand yuan.

at this time, her bank account, has already turned about two hundred thousand.

in this period of operation, Xiaohua familiarity with the network, from the initial construction site, to understand the whole network form, so adorable issued their own web site operators to establish ideas.

At this time,

Xiaohua, said the money, real money, about two hundred thousand what money? Said no money, and the money, about two hundred thousand, in which eighty hands, all his money. Nowadays, people who are under the age of thirty, who have one hundred thousand deposits at the age of thirty, are rare and very few. But is it easy to run the site,

?After a long time of

Xiaohua, decided to start from the smallest investment. According to the company’s four employees, Xiaohua thinks he now operates a health class website is very feasible.


, health Web sites are owned

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