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Half a year experience in weight loss website operation

read a lot of articles in a competition during the excellent, although there is no SEO Daniel coming out, but to see a lot of the younger generation expert, in the search engine optimization friend heard a word called "content is king", but I see a BLOG in excellent period (not published blog address) "the contents of the emperor, even for the king" this sentence, the friend Bo excellent should all know this blog is who.

today I made to experience half the weight loss drug list station of this view, although Daniel have been advocating "content is king, even for the king", but I am in the first half of this year, especially in the two months to observe on Baidu, Baidu will feel tired of this, not only lose weight drug related station, you can see only to do home page ranking station content is Datong small, as long as there are articles and people could not stand the can.


months, I carefully do content to stand on their own, each article carefully edit, maintain a day to two original, one to two article pseudo original, but the ranking or has been dropped, but the content is to let people see on the station to row up, are just copy chats and so on a series of the text, perhaps Baidu thinks he is the original, should give good rankings, according to my observation, GOOGLE search also gives such a station very good ranking, but did not find such Sogou, this user experience I will not say, everybody can be imagined.

from the above point of view, if we do not say anything else, from the user experience, so this is a typical garbage station, saying that the search engine may violate user experience, don’t say, only for the home page ranking station in content can easily, as long as the words people could not stand such original it is even more ridiculous? Page keywords also is very good, but this is certainly not the title of.

this is what I do a half weight station observed, and more than the industry, carefully observe a lot of friends! Sometimes I want money can let go of a


this article by weight loss drug list stand original Zhang to provide

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