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Grassroots master how to grasp the good copy and reference

we all know, there is a benefit of the Internet, that is, replicability, once a friend’s QQ signature is written like this, the essence of the Internet is CTRL+C/V bragging and rogue.

who can’t deny the nature of the Internet is plagiarism, copying personal webmaster portal, special station. Other owners continue to copy each other, the so-called world article a copy, and now the search engine is only according to the website weight judgment ranking a specific URL website, the essence of the Internet is to share.

had to think, to search keywords positioning technology is not to destroy the original content determination technology, but unfortunately, the current Google can not determine whether it is a fluid, created the nowhere boy.

however, whether it is reprinted or reproduced or other person, in the process of rapid editing, often forget how to protect the copyright and other people’s original interests, there is a small joke, that even if there is only one page, you are also a webmaster, personal interests should be no size. Therefore, this article in a small part of the website, the author changed himself, but also a source of his own, think about yourself, have also done such activities, although not the author of this hat over his forehead, but forgot to give 10 seconds for the article to find a real money Dad up, it was there is karma in the heart of.

at this time, my station has changed, I happen to find a sign, BBS use was peer plagiarism, imitation master style does not matter, because recently also intends to provide it, but also found a website also refers to the style of the website, I MOZAT and help me solve the net and I had the traditional Chinese style friends happy, because this is the personal achievements certainly. However, mark again has been copied, the former flag is plagiarism, because we are using the material, no hurt the most elegant smile, because the difference in the copy and reference and a a copy is a mirror, and the symbol of one of my AI friends play to help me design to copy, friends immediately said, today the complete set of CI logo graphic, are perfect, and then find a lawyer to help me fix the /p>.

I am very happy, then I paused and thought that if I was copied, how I look, Chinese may have a common advantage, love is not scold others, self-examination shortcomings of.

if you’re being copied, maybe only 2

1., the other party is really nothing to copy, and had to catch you on the bones of shredded pork.

2., your stuff is worth a copy of.


is first, perhaps we really shouldn’t do in this website, and the gossip green software alliance webmaster Clinch, have some cooperation idea, but he gave me such a word: I want to do the whole channel. "

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