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n order to dream, in order to do standing, became lonely

I am a dream person, I am also a persistent person, because there are dreams, because of persistent. I gave up what I thought was a good job – interior designer. Alone into others do not understand, very confused industry. A member of a personal station.

because of dreams, I gave up my job and put my human, material and financial resources into my website. Be a station master. I don’t know what I call an outsider. I’m an Internet outsider. Because of dreams. Established the website. Purpose: let every designer have an online free home, so that they can communicate, study and share here. Because of this goal, the direction of life, I put every day I have so many years of learning materials, design experience, design methods. Uploaded to the website every day. I work more than 10 hours a day, and sometimes I feel really tired.

tired! I’m not scared. Afraid of the family does not understand, friends do not support. Every day I spend my time in my room. So long ago, the family will not feel satisfied. Also because of throwing money, so I didn’t do designers, give my family more money. So they began to talk slowly about me. But my persistent character, man’s rigid temper. So the conflict begins. Because I’m the only child in my family. And because I used to be the mainstay of my family’s economy. Now invest in the website and give up design that others think is good. So there’s a contradiction.

now I’m investing so much in the website, I’ll stick to it. Because I know I’m a boy who won’t give up. Because at the age of 17, I did not graduate from high school, with a kind of courage, an impulse. Step by step, interior designers approach. Let me see. There is nothing that can not be done, as long as there is a firm twist of the heart.

2008, is a lucky year, is a dream year, let us personal Adsense holding our dream, with our aspirations to fly, we yearn for place. Because I believe a man who has a dream will win. Really win?. As long as we all stick together. I’m not afraid. Are you scared? Bow in the face of difficulties. That’s not what men do!!!


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