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Deep thinking what kind of website is more promising

for the first time to write this article, but also hope that everyone support! I’m here to thank you webmaster! Well, turn to the topic. The content of the website many of our webmaster friends are stolen, collect, copy, we’d better not go on like this, this is not its own characteristics, and your website is not competitive, in the end you are just wasting your own time! There is such a site in Baidu’s hard on weight go. Well, I don’t talk…

below, I would like to introduce my personal about what kind of station, more promising little experience, hope to make friends benefit more, not much excuse me,


I’ll split it up briefly:

first. I think the site structure should be concise and clear, and their ideas should be clear and transparent, and the simpler the better, not too complicated. No, if it’s too complicated or too messy for users to come in, it feels like a mess, finding the head and not seeing the tail. Only in each sub domain, each directory must be clear so as to allow users to easily find what you want, it can make the user look comfortable, it is willing to come, it is invisible on the increase among potential users.

second. Keep updating the website content, the best is original, allowing users every day to come to see the contents are not the same, so users will be willing to look at to see, the content is often updated and original words, then we site naturally high viscosity, a high viscosity flow will have a guarantee of


third. The type of site, now many of our webmaster friends what is hot and what to do, we can think, have you followed behind the popular website do you want to go beyond the type of website difficulty as well as can be imagined, are interested in doing their own website, do their own station according to their own interests, this is the one and only station the competition is relatively small. There is also potential, and once more people like their website, it will be a red cannon. Even if it is not very popular, because your website is unique, if you like it, users will also bring you considerable income.

fourth. Website content, each of us should be honest, moral standing. The content of our website must be healthy and conform to the rules of the country. Content should be done to bring value to both, but also to their wealth. Only the website that can bring value to everyone, I think is the most promising and money way website,


editorial comment: in fact do, choose a type, if not illegal, insist on doing so, certainly can go out of their way to success, so do stand to be successful, or a "heart", thank you for your contribution in Admin5

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