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How to rapidly profit education websites

first statement, I do not think any one of educational websites, but also does not interfere with this article for guidance of knowledge education class site, because I know the friends all know, I do the education work for two years in Wuhan, from the most basic of self-study examination and to the heat of the 46 level training to civil servants, PubMed, and relatively more high-end abroad are involved, so I can combine the two years of education and training experience, to do education website of friends a little inspiration.

In fact,

education websites can be divided into many types, online training, data download, information service, student forum, and these types of friends around me are involved, so there are many kinds, but there is a characteristic that profitability is relatively poor, the user business transformation ability insufficient.

In fact,

thought that students do website, usually there are several reasons for this, as we do in the education market analysis is very consistent: Chinese since ancient times to cultivate learning tradition, and now more a slogan is "not poor poor education, our country is now training the constitution of the society and institutions also decided the examination is the only way which must be passed into the higher class of ordinary people, but in recent years the expansion of college enrollment, the number of students increased exponentially, the market demand, has such a large user base, if engaged in the field of education, it is hard to avoid making money.

Wrote an article

some time ago, analysis to the students, especially the characteristics of college students is talked about, we saw the students like a swarm of bees, but did not see the student population relative economic capacity is insufficient, the consumption desire is not strong, it is difficult to commercial website user behavior into cash flow.

we want to see a phenomenon, is the next line of the training site is stronger than ever, for example, now the Wuhan IT education training market, the most popular is the Beida Jade Bird, but the Beida Jade Bird web site online training on the edge, why even IT training institutions this line does not attach importance to education and training? Is mainly because the sense of reality and the effect of online training never line training.

Chinese training, pay attention to the face-to-face teaching, various universities in Wuhan began trial operation set a new course called "network classroom" in 05 years, is a television and a camera in the teacher’s classroom, online broadcast recording, from the teachers and students can enjoy the learning content and formal students in the classroom, this method can save the cost of the teacher, but also can improve the students’ learning quality.

but this model implemented for a period of time there is no below, some schools set up a special network college, later was invited a lot of teachers face-to-face teaching guidance, main reason is the lack of face-to-face learning, in the learning process Chinese seems to be incomplete, China education is the pursuit of a type > between teachers and students

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