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Content positioning to understand why they started

did not know what to write, what the hair, do not know their content how to locate, so this time, I would suggest that you can refer to the following principles, content on their position has established a preliminary.



when you have differentiated content to focus on thinking, then congratulations, you start the direction of content operations, the basic will not make mistakes. But in the right direction doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in the end, because to succeed, you need a fast, correct, and less crowded road.

for the discovery of this path, I call it the location of content.

yes, and if the content orientation is accurate, you’re taking a solid step on the road to success.

but most people begin to be vague about how to find the path.

, one of my public numbers is a web shop with ham, bacon and so on. He added my first words:

brother, I’m in the ham business. What should I write about my public number,


well, you can write ham science knowledge, such as how to distinguish the quality of ham ham, how can be stored for a long time, what is the difference between Jinhua and Yunnan Dengs ham ham and so on.


," I replied, drooling, thinking that he might have sent me a ham if I had answered the question.

I wrote it, but when it was written, I found it was nothing to write about, he was worried.

well, then you can write more about ham cooking. For example, how best to eat ham stew, cooking, cooking, baking…… Can you write a lot about this? Maybe if you make a public number like "Ham edition", you will not worry about selling ham.


," I continued, drooling over the keyboard.


that I can not write! Brother, don’t you see I was selling ham ham, but in the end how to do this, I rarely studied, although also know about, but only flickered buyers, if one really wants to write, I can’t write out.

The amount of

, some of the stories that you can write your shop, ham products, discount promotions, customer feedback, to visit the ham enterprise and so on. These contents, not only good writing, but also can continue to export.

, I’ll keep working on it,

brother, don’t fool me, who will see these things,


after he finished speaking, he gave me a smile again.

, that’s all for my ham.



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