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Personal webmaster predicts the future of SNS website

has 2 months ending 2008, now seems premature end in a year, 2 months is likely to turn the world upside down but so far, the Internet, the future development trend of SNS I only.

2008, SNS website is undoubtedly the Internet arm, at least in the downturn of the economic situation and the form of the Internet, it reached the dark horse, and indeed with agitation. My friends often wonder if I’m hot with SNS, but the good momentum of development is the best evidence I can predict.

At least

, with extremely fast rate I focus in turn, SNS caught my eye, and let me continue in the second half of the year has continued to increase its attention.

SNS Kaixin001 (domain name Chinese: a trend of happy net), and in just 2 months off a wave.

SNS follow the trend of the work: thousands of oak interactive very smart, registered Kaixin domain name, but also to the Chinese domain name "happy nets" to join the competition.

SNS many Shanzhai: in Baidu and GOOGLE search "happy net"

appears about 5060000 pages, with only two pages,,,,, and

English domain names are different, but their Chinese domain names are called "happy net", this is "Shanzhai happy", each site users only a few thousand.


1. do PPC, happy net for users in the duel only "Baidu", now Baidu search for "Kaixin001", the first visible Qianxiang interaction may be due to internal vice president X did not join the bidding.

2. if the "Kaixin" and "Kaixin001" with Baidu PPC, and become the first search, it will take the number of Kaixin001 users into the "Kaixin", I make a question mark, with Internet users viscous terms, I think there is a characteristic of "first and only".

: for example, until now, SINA and SOHU are still the portal boss, Tencent pat and Baidu HI can not go beyond Taobao, a website created a model, and occupy the first position is very difficult to be pulled. I will assume "Kaixin001" user stickiness is relatively large, tried the "Kaixin" of people think that "Kaixin" developed the game, play more than "Kaixin001", but to register a new account, and to make friends with congenial persons in the SNS type, site, is to move its dependencies or from the user’s circle of friends whether to choose the same place. Just like a person, most of his friends are "Kaixin001", then even <

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