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Traditional clothing to do electricity providers new gameplay the user experience through the online

in recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce and gradually mature situation, the traditional enterprises have begun to set foot in the field of electronic commerce, such as food, medicine, animal husbandry, industry, equipment, machinery, household appliances, drinks and dress, these enterprises are with the development of the Internet and business trend, and continue to change the original sales channels and marketing mode. So, these traditional companies in the apparel industry, the performance is very obvious, especially in the Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall, dream bazaar, Eslite and other online shopping platform driven by more and more enterprises have started clothing brand "electric shock net", and through the business model to marketing.


for apparel industry transformation, the author believe that many readers should be met in the local city such as Jiangsu, the city of Xuzhou, many brands of clothing began to transition, such as downtown Nike, Adidas, Lining, Baleno, new balance Septwolves, etc., these brand clothing has been the transformation of the electricity supplier, and through unique marketing model to go on sale. So, in the center of Xuzhou, there is a clothing store to do a very distinctive, who went into the store to buy clothes or shoes, you can experience the best quality user experience. Note: This is not a very famous brand clothing store, but a variety of brand and non brand clothing, shoes and clothes style, color, etc. do very user experience clothing store.

below we read:

don’t know readers have in some clothing stores found or experienced this: you and your girlfriend or friends to a clothing store to buy clothes one day, and go tired without leaving the shop, only need to move a few steps he can sit down and enjoy a comfortable coffee, look at the clothing store free books, if you want to buy in the store when the rest of the clothes and shoes but too lazy to move, you can follow the tips on the coffee table or sofa pictures, high-speed WiFi mobile devices connected directly out into the store, clothing store website or APP for online purchase and payment. For this situation, I believe that many readers have encountered or experienced, especially in parts of Shanghai, Shenzhen clothing store in Beijing, the city has begun to do the O2O business marketing model, and the clothing store in Xuzhou also began to play.

to create the ultimate user experience, the integration of online and offline

This clothing store

is the integration of brand and non brand shop, clothes or shoes in the store, if you look carefully you can find the brand and the combination of foreign trade, but the main feature is the clothing store a variety of styles, colors, good-looking clothes big, so also attracted a lot of nouveau riche and grass root to buy.

so, since it is the integration of a variety of clothing stores also means that the shop area is large, the clothing store has two stores, in order to avoid the consumer in the store shopping tired not > Hugh

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