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Up to one year of observation, recommendations for Baidu optimization

want to rank well, personal summary of the following recommendations, purely personal advice, if there is a mistake, look for an expert to correct.

recommendation 1: once think well, think quasi, in the internet.

1: for example, to do a certain station, the station design, layout, one-time code to good, don’t wait to visit, just remember that this did not change, small changes nothing, not big, suffered a loss to say (overall summary of the site to a good location).

recommendation 2: the site of the Internet, to update every day, traction Baidu included.

explained: 2 can access the site, to be updated daily, update is not from either copy article or anything, wholly intact of the update, the new station must first be content only, only here, is a title or content in Baidu search to OK, I believe we all know the original, with some content, the content posted on the forum what some updates quickly, attach the address, not excessive.

suggested 3: I believe that can not use half a month, Baidu will be included, included after the station to do all the key word distribution, slowly.

3: first proposal, released, do not go to the forum what Baidu included after the so-called keyword, you meta the key label, the best set of not too much, the distribution of keywords this label uniform to the station and connection of the home page, the main content is < / p>

recommendation 4: adhere to 1-2 months, after the content is good, find connection exchange, and often check.

4: new start is very difficult to find the connection, but not impossible, to find some PR of the same site, some people don’t care what PR ranking, see your site is included, and maybe you do, a good person, is not afraid of the tough, a connection not long after the time, always check the other station in Baidu, the other station was the best immediately delete

recommendation 5: check Baidu frequently,

explanation 5: check Baidu included, as well as home page update, according to my observation, Baidu must be updated every day, my station is more than enough, not afraid of no flow and ranking.

made a new station, is being tested, we add a link to Monroe underwear, personal advice to share the experience, for your reference, not to say, also please correct, I have been doing it this way, there is a large change midway, leading to Baidu has yet to react, 1 it is suggested that the above said, not before the change has been very good, do not know is not the reason to think is, but Baidu still every day to update my station, the updated content, second days in Baidu, 80%.

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