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The right ad location can induce users to click More

‘s website is becoming more and more diverse, and there are more and more ways to make it profitable. But advertising is still the most profitable way for most websites. Advertising on the website can be divided into three categories: website traffic, advertising clicks and advertising effects. Different kinds of ads, some click the amount of billing and effect, and some are based on site traffic and PV volume to billing. For traffic and PV volume to charge advertising, you can say that the site advertising fees can basically say that depends on the amount of your site IP and PV, these two indicators go up, advertising revenue will be higher. Such as popups. But not all advertising costs depend on the site’s IP and pv. Most of the advertising or by the effect and the amount of charge, which is why a lot of IP and PV high site IP and PV were not lower than its website advertising revenue high, because your site traffic does not translate into advertising hits, no hits, according to results of advertising fee is impossible.

webmaster editor released a news yesterday: webmaster promotion new law: use SkyDrive upload information with web site resources. BRSBOX, a well-known online hard disk drive, has launched a new service in collaboration with the webmaster. Personal webmaster webmaster cooperation by clicking BRSBOX on the first page of the application link, fill out a relatively detailed registration information, you can get more than ordinary users of file storage and sharing space, you can add your own website on the download page in logo, the specific address to provide their own LOGO image, displayed on the BRSBOX download page. In view of the service, found advertising position BRSBOX and create new styles, Kingsoft software download advertising links in the top of the page to get the file download and download links on the left, the clever advertising position is very easy to download user confusion, induce users to click on ads. This kind of CPA advertising, which uses the approximate file download link to induce users to click ads for effective billing, is often seen at some sites, but it is still the first to be seen on SkyDrive. As we all know, SkyDrive users are large, and users visit web sites with the goal of downloading resources. This shows that such sites select a suitable advertising location, inducing users to click, you can receive good results.




not only that, through the Brsbox advertising position, we can also summarize some sites advertising principles. If the size of the advertisement is not bigger, the better, and the quantity is not more, the better. Websites that suit themselves, even a very small ad link, can also get a lot of hits. For example, the content and type of advertisement should be appropriate

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