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Personal summary of the two principles of SNS success

himself on a lot with UCH to build personal SNS station, can say a lot, but a few, mostly half-dead.

himself has been doing it for over a month, and it feels really bad to do it personally, SNS!

personal summary of the next, SNS to succeed, we should pay attention to the next few points

1: focuses on the necessary dating needs.

SNS content is simple, is " " for example, I was on the campus, is to find the girl, so SNS is the fundamental value of dating, dating is based on the most intense, like 51, MYSPACE, when these each stationmaster net, believe you and I are the same are in the local search, MM? And the recent floor uncle, and the local SNS should ordinarily are built in this base on.


in this idea is that if you do a more subtle night, SNS, is the best place, still can fire up. Don’t know who’s been to Hongkong SEX141, I often at school, YY was not, unfortunately, not on the mainland. I want to stand long you can learn this concept, a subtle point of

and the other is because of interest, this is mainly business relations, like this can do industry SNS, or local businessman SNS, unfortunately, now did not find a few good, but this is the opportunity,

2: powerful promotion

station is the most difficult to popularize, SNS more so. On the promotion of the webmaster have tricks. I don’t say much. I just want to say is, if you do not in front of a confident and feasible marketing plan, I want to don’t do as well.

I do now, a month has 1700 members, I think this is certainly a dating needs, is single handedly, promotion is still very difficult, this is my biggest bottleneck. Everyone do soft Wen, I would not do it. No point. This is just the stationmaster communicate. Hope the webmaster criticism and guidance.

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