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The star of the road is less snow

06 years of winter, just a freshman, but also just lovelorn, then dispirited and discouraged, infatuated with the QQ space, in order to vent the anguish of the bar. The heart loves the girl, but also does not throw the left me, because the entire high school for computer technology, this is a blank. So FLASH will not do, the picture will not do, at this time inadvertently learned the qzoner space material station, often go up to find material, engage in QQ space, 06 years is QQ space crazy year, code everywhere.

, at this time, knows a little boy who is equally devoted to love but more fortunate than me. At that time, I did not understand the problem, always looking for him, as a webmaster, but also amateur webmaster, we can think how busy he is, but every time he has trouble to help me answer all the questions. "No, we’ll talk about something," he said happily. This is a approachable, not impatient, good station. Adore


slowly knows, his station mentality. 06 years of college, because of the Internet only, he in the summer of Nanchang alone in a room, on his first website, you know Nanchang has said the stove, a big guy, do not go out every day, family and neighborhood was somewhat puzzled, but good for parents spend less. Although not quite understand but there is no objection, we face the puzzled, first released, is a QQ space station, a station code should be the earliest, because of his intentions, and diligent, immediately flow up, ushered in the first pot of gold in his life, though not much, but very happy, after all their efforts have paid off, the most important thing is to have the capital to go to Beijing to find his beloved girl, snow. A beautiful girl.

to a stranger in Beijing, first as the editor, and then maintained his amateur website, so he entered into the life of Beijing, 07 of the time I suddenly want to engage in a website, he listens, that did not say, will help me to open a free space, how can I do. I remember to rendezvous what FTP upload program installation and so on, he accompany me not to sleep in the night, to know that he have to work during the day, the heart is very bad. Love him dearly. Too tired。

time in the update and maintenance of website publicity through 08 years because of his ability and cleverness and diligence he has a new breakthrough, two IP stations have reached more than 100 thousand, when the QQ space of this popular keyword, have two is his home. At this time, I was a small station, he is still the same to support me, help me to encourage me, so far I made money.

he may not be too much, but a personal webmaster to do two, 10, a few IP over 100 thousand of the station, it is not easy, why some people can not do, and some people do,


from him, I found a few valuable qualities, for webmaster is very important, eyes persistent hot >

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