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Mobile nternet community can revive the old wind



wood / new media brick home network

once upon a time, BBS, like micro-blog and WeChat today, has been the most popular social tool on campus. National communities such as the "Tianya", "mop" and so on were once the rage, and the cities and universities even had localized forums. Million people online in the scene at the time that BBS became news encountered with many times, the largest amount of information distribution, the fastest spreading, also recorded a generation of youth memories.

as the Web1.0 era went on, BBS gradually declined. Web2.0 today, the mobile end has not yet been born a class of BBS shape products, and domestic difference is, Reddit such a BBS product from the PC side spread to the mobile terminal, still maintained a powerful life. In the Chinese market, whether the community forum products can revive the talent with the help of mobile Internet has become the most concerned topic of that generation.

BBS the road to decline: death is snowball

now 30 years old, the next batch of office workers watching BBS’s decline. Some netizens recalled that, from 2008 and 2009 began, BBS is down. "At that time, the campus network and happy network began to flourish. Many students from high school entered university with their campus network account. Their enthusiasm for BBS would obviously be diverted."

since then, with the advent of the mobile Internet, WeChat, micro-blog and other products become mainstream products, PC end of the BBS obviously can not afford the new needs of the mobile era. According to the advertisement Department of Fudan University School of journalism teacher Wang Di said, telnet network protocol of BBS is to develop an electronic forum system earlier, function relatively complete, the interface is convenient, beautiful degree is not today browser forum, micro-blog, SNS based web site than it can not even display pictures, text content accumulation to a certain extent will be deleted.

BBS’s own functional defects are accelerating its own demise. According to BBS’s practice, a user name automatically dies when it has not been standing for some time, so as to free up network resources. This convention makes BBS users less and less, the downhill has been unable to turn back.


Matthew effect is irreversible on social networks. The lively place will be more and more lively, the desolate place will be more and more lonely. A few days ago, a friend of mine, a friend’s feelings may best reflect this kind of not backward miserable:

in the past few days in writing, I remember 10 years ago in the XX forum once issued a post, today, looking back, there are reference value. So I entered the web page and entered the account password that I had always been aware of, but found that the forum coldly popped the hint that the user no longer exists. At that moment, the five flavors of Chen, once the memory floating above

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