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Red and black nternet thinking who in innovation, who in Zhuangshennonggui


Internet thinking the word in the end is what time officially put forward, and now can not be tested. Baidu encyclopedia is so explained: "the Internet thinking Internet thinking, is in the continuous development of Internet plus (mobile), big data and cloud computing technology background, to re-examine the market, customers, products, enterprise value chain and the entire business ecosystem by way of thinking." Although this concept is not comprehensive, but also said part of the truth.

from last year after a round of speculation, to the government this year Internet plus the concept of gold blessing, thinking the Internet has now become orthodox. The Internet is about to enter the fast lane and become the real air outlet. Whether it is the top of the temple, or the far corners, words must call Internet thinking has become commonplace. But the Internet thinking development so far, has been accompanied by controversy and discussion, get both praise and blame. The Internet thinking brought exactly what innovation? Who is thinking of using the Internet or

?Innovation and revolution under

Internet thinking

rather than thinking on the Internet is a way of thinking, it is better to say that the Internet thinking is the refining and generalization of new technologies and new models of the internet. The mobile Internet technology to break the traditional production relations in the information center, transformation or even cancel the asymmetric links, so as to achieve large-scale production relationship reconstruction, greatly emancipated and improve productivity. Internet thinking from this point of view, is a convenient thinking, user centric thinking, data thinking. It has helped the backward industry achieve a breakthrough and a qualitative leap.

In the history of

, there have been two industrial revolutions represented by steam engine and electricity, which have greatly improved and even subverted the old productive forces and productive relations. From the present characteristics of the mobile Internet era, basically can be called the new industrial revolution, at least an important part of it. The conditions and criteria for the industrial revolution are as follows: the production technology has undergone major changes; the new technology is basically mature; it is reliable and suitable for large-scale promotion and applied to the real estate industry. These are caused by the basic conditions of the industrial revolution, which prompted the production cost of the original unreasonable dropped, a major adjustment of industrial structure and production organization of major changes, these are a few important judgment standard of the industrial revolution.

so far, these standards are suitable for the development of the existing mobile internet. Since the reform and development of long time of terminal equipment, network, mobile phone has completed the iteration, basically reached the performance of PC, but the mobility convenience is much better than that of PC; with 3G technology or 4G technology, in the global popularity and large-scale promotion, in many remote areas such as Africa or South American countries and regions. In the case of PC is not used, convenient access to information through the popularity of smart mobile phone, enjoy the convenience of technology. After the completion of the online transformation of the mobile Internet, began to traditional >

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