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Webmaster, please pay attention to protect your domain name

now someone specializing in the domain name business, a good domain name can sell millions. How many people rely on the rich (than the lottery to reality), and how many people are there is a big loss because of the domain name, so we advise you friends, want to do stand, we must choose a good domain name, the domain name do no good station, bigger be others ripped off, copy posterior.

just to see the article, the 8848 did not renew the domain name as registered by others and point to Taobao. Recall how much of the story around us is about the most critical thing about the Internet, the domain name.

, a few days ago, has bought back "How much is not revealed, but it must be a small sum," Liu Xiaodong said. "The economic crisis is good enough to get cheaper."". He seems to be quite satisfied with the price. Rumor has it that the original domain holder was a student.

kuxun original domain name has been despised by others, then buy the, recently heard and also bought

every day beautiful domain name, to tell the truth is not too good, I spell ttmeili several times, and when it is uncertain, had to go to Google once.

domain name was attacked, the most famous is copied the’s posterior approach, made yesterday’s meeting on the Kaixin001, but also made clear that he is Kaixin001 non

six rooms, purchased It has spent at least 2 million.

a few days ago, professional domain name trading website took the price at 190 thousand. The previous transaction price was also more than 30 thousand. Amoy’s deal price is also more than 10 thousand (professional mobile navigation station)

and in the middle, I will not say, friends who are interested to search.

in those days, also once somebody wants to buy this domain name (after registering, did not do station before).

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