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The role of user experience and product design


this is a product from the birth to the birth process, product managers in the engineers and designers of the joint help, as well as the boss’s circle in the frame, in October conceived, and finally gave birth to a new product.

The following

studies the different roles that different roles play in product design. (coffee shop as an example)

PD: to build a cafe; the target population is 25-35 year old white-collar workers; the per capita consumption of 80-120 million; in section × × × road and × a fork in the road, because there are many office buildings and art colleges; what has been near the cafe style is · · · · · · they must, we · · · · · · · cost budget is · · · · ·

User Research: the study, aged 25-35 consumption is · · · · · · the area of white-collar occupation for · · · · · · their love style is · · · · middot; · · the main demand for leisure and recreation but 35% afternoon, investigators morning on demand.

Interactive Designer: the whole coffee shop is divided into two parts, the quiet and the noisy, in order to meet the white-collar leisure and entertainment life. The eastern part is adjacent to the green land. It is relatively quiet, with large screen blocks and large French windows. Enter the east corner of the right to open a business room.

visual designer: the overall style is simple, warm and serene style. Visual to dark green, light champagne, and beige. With chrysanthemum as a decoration, Mediterranean and pastoral style combined.


products are led by the product manager, they will receive different roles and suggestions for different parts of the product. Therefore, the birth of a product is the result of the integration of these roles.

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