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Venus dry twenty-first Century investment good brand

to say that now in twenty-first Century, the dry cleaners to join the election of the project to choose what brand is best, Xiao Bian think it has to be Venus dry cleaners brand.

since 1825, the French invention of dry cleaners to join the chain, the chain has been to join the laundry in the continuous development of innovation. The dry cleaning technology as the representative of the modern laundry industry in the Chinese market is still less than 20 years. Venus dry cleaning center to enter the international brand, bringing modern laundry chain to join the revolution, for the national 1/5 crowd, locked at least 50 billion of the huge market.

Venus dry cleaning center in 2005 successy developed the wash shoes and wash the package of equipment and technology, began the first tentative in Venus stores launched the laundry, washing shoes, washing bag and leather care one-stop service, completely breaking the long-standing problem of off-season Hefei industry, Venus has created a dry cleaning center throughout the year no off-season, the Venus dry cleaning center performance way ahead counterparts, the profit is three times higher than the counterparts. Venus dry cleaning center with experience and practice, after a thorough investigation and understanding of the real needs of the market, according to the laundry, washing shoes, washing bag together, finally, Venus dry cleaning center has been recognized by consumers, win the market, creating a new mode of washing industry.

Venus dry cleaning center has a first-class design talent, management talent, advertising planning personnel, technical training personnel, as the steady development of enterprises, and constantly beyond the power and potential. For a long time, Venus dry cleaning center with first-class product quality, perfect customer service service, successful marketing planning, the unique charm of the business model, in the dry cleaning industry gradually keep pace and win the applause and cheers, welcome to consult the price of dry cleaning machine. Venus dry cleaning center has high, medium and low price, you can meet the needs of different regions, different levels of consumption.

Venus brand cleaners in China market after several years of operation, its characteristic services, both quality and prices are generally dry cleaning machine, better response does not appear to allow investors to create more The climate does not suit one. ", the wealth in the shortest time.


above is the Venus dry cleaning brand simple introduction, if you have what other problems need to consult our please give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply to you.

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