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E-business platform, team building

how to build? Construction from three aspects:

1. Excellent core. The core of the team’s leadership must be shared with what they know, what they learn, whether it be technical or selling skills. To create a good environment for communication, a reasonable division of labor, each doing his best.

Construction and implementation of

2. system. Three people, and more than three people is the team, so there must be a system, this should be discussed together.

generally can be divided into: 1, attendance system (including office attendance and running shop attendance.


2, the conference system (aims to address problems at work and provide learning platforms. The contents are weekly meetings, monthly meetings and regular meetings of the company.


3, accounting system (the purpose is to supervise and track the work. The content is work plan, work diary and other accounting related to sales work. Money two separate, is the best way of cooperation, life can be a friend, but money from the front of equality, this may not be appropriate, but now start, for us later to open the company beneficial harmless.

3. team culture. Team culture is the premise of the company’s corporate culture and development strategy, forming a positive, easy communication and learning spirit. Such as collective activities (TRIPS), collective learning, training and so on.

to sum up, so building management well is the key to success of a team, and success is half done.

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