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How do you make your personal blog Alexa rank 100 thousand in three months

for a webmaster, Alexa ranking should be very familiar! Alexa ranking is the site of the world rankings, mainly divided into two kinds: comprehensive ranking and classification ranking, Alexa provides a comprehensive ranking, ranking, visiting the amount of page visits ranked other evaluation information, most people regard it as the current the more authoritative evaluation site visits.

in fact, for us to do an ordinary enterprise website, Alexa ranking may really have little value, but the ranking is more up front, more seductive. However, familiar with the advertising Union should be more clear, if it is Alexa ranking is relatively near, then on our website advertising, it certainly has some advantages. Alexa ranking is by many means of cheating to brush, and then get a big boost in a short period of time, after the Alexa often ranked in one hundred thousand, if the flow of each brush form to get Alexa ranking, it is more difficult, if improper operation will be prodding.

in fact, red Tao brush Alexa ranking really no experience, then today to share, how I put my SEO blog, how in three months to make personal blog Alexa ranking into 100 thousand.

1, write high-quality original article

Alexa is also ranking and user experience are inseparable, a good web site visitors will stay on the net after a long period of time, the longer residence time will give us the accumulation sites of PV scores will be higher, so the relative ranking of Alexa is also an invisible help.

2, high quality external chain

in fact, the high quality of the chain in addition to the site rankings and PR value have influence, as to the Alexa ranking also has a direct impact. If you talk to a Alexa list on the website links, the Alexa algorithm there will certainly have a mechanism to statistics from your visit in the chain, large and small, outside the chain of high quality together but also help to improve the webmaster Alexa ranking. Have to admit, there are some well-known websites in doing links and cooperation with advertisers, will pay attention to the site’s Alexa ranking.

as a webmaster, in fact, through a number of well-known industry sites to contribute, which is a good way to enhance Alexa rankings. Because go to the webmaster nets to stroll, of course is the webmaster most, if there are more stations through these links to our website and they have installed the Alexa toolbar, it is a very big help for us to improve Alexa ranking.

3, blog, Friendship Exchange,

this way in the website promotion perspective should be called comments inside the industry do promotion, the most famous is the Lou song song, a personal blog can do Alexa ranking less than 5000, can be.

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