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Be careful with the station, beware of the DC provider’s business tricks

Hi, these days have been trying to write an article, although a little busy, but in order to avoid detours, this article is to write about, we want to help! Thank you, I have been on the support of friends, I talk about I do stand 5 years in the process, some deep and helpless. Products and services for IDC

to tell you!Since the

04 years to do the station, large and small sites have more than 20, the domain name has 10, now the main operating this website, this website domain name is thirteenth domain names, so there will be more opportunities for IDC service providers and different constant exchanges, we all suffer the possibility of us there are common problems! I don’t write, I will write something more insidious! Here we must pay attention to


one, too cheap domain name should pay attention to,


personal experience: I registered a domain name.Com of the country was 10 yuan, such as cheap, do not see how you registered, and then began to busy, end the basic shape, have included rankings, but also good! But also to renew the results of time, actually to renew 150 yuan for 1 years, to know this information, my heart itch, be


two, domain name can be transferred freely,


personal experience: in the face of domain renewal must be so expensive, also see the domain name can be transferred into, then certainly turn out to be the result, and customer service for about 10 minutes, the customer said: we are free to transfer to, but to pay 200 yuan fee! I also silly, that is not free. Don’t write what freedom turn into! Fooled! This time I was too angry, even though 200 yuan is not high, but in the face of such a IDC, I don’t want to give them a penny! 26 days left I put the domain name to the other domain, finally gave up the name


three, too cheap space, be careful

personal experience: before I registered the domain name on the theme of network television, network television website started fairly normal, but when I found online at the website visit about 30 data, found that the site is the picture card, open, and open! Then I will find space taking to discuss this problem, he said 200 megabytes of space only 50 yuan a year, this is the service, in order to speed up the upgrade to VIP space charge 300 yuan for 1 years, and I said I will not upgrade, the results 1 days later, I almost could not open, not many people visit my website I intended to have top-level domain, disconnect the analysis, also is my website space with 3 level domain name space background visit my space, it is still the same, "the picture isn’t open, a red cross, is a flow of 1 sites are not Open it? I see. The space dealer is just 50 dollars and 1 years to cheat me. It’s good for him to either use or upgrade, but for me, space is used

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