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How do know if my website is being copied or copied

website builder certainly do not want their website is being copied, imitated, mirror, but it certainly cannot be avoided, how do we know their site is not being copied by others, imitation? A little below mentioned for reference:

to Questionbank network as an example, the webmaster should such results are not strange, is the third party service statistics print out detailed site visit background list, perhaps we can see from one end to ni. Some of the antecedents looks strange, we all know that localhost says is "the machine", which may be a web page: save for static pages, of course also put third party code with traffic statistics in the past, and then develop and test in this machine. The third party statistics do not distinguish between such antecedents, it only shows in accordance with the actual situation.

of course, it should be noted that if you also develop debugging on your own, then you can also bring localhost such antecedents, this is to be able to separate. For the library bar network, there is no directory structure like /u/e/7.html when the machine is debugged.

source text:

collection, reprint, please indicate the source.

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