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Analysis of the survival of the local talent standing in the crevice

wrote this article, mainly because of my own work in the talent network, and actually do it, it’s really too difficult.

with the popularity of the Internet, Chinese Internet users are increasing every year. According to CNNIC released in 2014, "the thirty-third China Internet development statistics report" can clearly see the annual increase of Internet users, by the end of December 2013, I had the users reached 618 million, compared with last year, a total of 5358 new users. And by the end of 2012, it had increased by 3.7 percentage points.


The popularity of

networks has also made online recruitment popular. Looking for work without leaving home.

but the problem has come too. The early Internet leader has taken over most of the market. Individual stationmaster makes talent website, become more difficult.

search with Baidu search "talent", "Recruitment" two keywords. Collect some "big brother" level websites. Respectively:

, Zhaopin, 51job, Bai Bo (Baidu’s stuff), the 58 and fair markets for hire, Yi Deng, Chinese recruitment, and classified information.

these recruitment sites are more familiar with, these sites basically stand firm on the Internet, and some things because there is a strong background. Therefore, these sites are not bad money, they spend large sums of money to do promotion, establish brand, seize the national market. So, we these individual stationmaster how to be able to be in these "big brother" below live,


I’ve read some articles about operating local talent websites, and most of them use SEO optimization to rank them on the front page. This is only one of the points, the light ranks on the home page, ranked first, and for talent website, only to play an auxiliary role.

we know that using Baidu search into your website, 90% are job seekers. When a job applicant comes to your website and finds no job you want, you don’t hesitate to close your website.

one, everyone is eager to apply for job, talent network can not be less data!


every job seeker is eager to find a good job. Because to live, because one day, one day less money.

in this era of big data, a website doesn’t have much useful data. He who lies before us is death.

What data do you need on the

talent website?

1> enterprise oriented

enterprises are the main source of revenue for websites, and enterprises visit your website for human resources. They can find the right people in their resumes, and then contact interviews.

2> job seekers,

job seekers need positions, corporate recruitment information, job listings, and so on

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