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tPoet how does website catalog operate successfully


web directory is similar to web site navigation. His door doesn’t cut high and it doesn’t take much time to run. There are usually 2 kinds of people. One is a very fresh dish, and the other is a real strong man. Strong people usually have their own resources, and the relationship between network, powerful rallying cry should be gathered, a station to join, hang his link station weight and PR suddenly up. Rookie thought that after hanging up the program, in QQ more than a few messages, so that friends to help more points a few times, and then let friends send a few people, and then to the forum where a few ads have been top, the station will develop strong. Analyze the newbie here first. If you want to be successful, please don’t be so naive. If you want to succeed, ItPoet has a plan.

initial capital

door cut again low will also produce consumption, program ready 1000 yuan. Space is not expensive, less than 200 yuan a year enough. Daily maintenance time must be maintained.

super execution

collects all of the articles on how to run web site navigation and web directories and gain knowledge from them. According to the Department like operation, all the experiments again, and then select the test has effect. Ruthlessly execute.


talk about more than 10 websites every day, let others add to your website directory, and add your link. Like the reality on a list of hundreds of thousands as seriously to talk, and every day at least 5 success. Every day must be so. The bird will succeed if he can keep it up. ItPoet started by web site navigation, and that’s the way it is today (though not very successful).

masters into the web directory, how to operate


user experience


web interface has to be different. Chinese imitation ability is too strong, so want to make big brand templates, must be unique design. And to meet the user’s habits, so that it is comfortable to use. Have a station, the weight is very good, PR is also high, I can’t wait to join the registered ID, found that required a lot of information, there is something wrong with the program, such as input mailbox, error. Get a long time, finally show the right, then I point to. Sweat out, registration failed. Finally give up, kill me, do not register, the heart tired. Even if the station function is repaired, I will never go.

, so do the most important station, or do a good job of user experience, PR better, included more, it is only face, standing for the user service, web directory users is webmaster. No user, you weight is good, what’s the use of


semi automation system

1, powerful people first use their resources to achieve initial site link cooperation. After these are done, the station will have a certain strength. What you need to do then is to find ways to get the user to log on

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