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How to rapidly improve website popularity and brand recognition

for a web site’s popularity not only contributes to the promotion of the website, and determines the value of the site to a certain extent! So in the process of development of the site, as a webmaster or management team, to start thinking about how to improve the site visibility problems, in raising awareness at the same time, but also training users for the website brand recognition, which is an important link of the user, in the specific practice, we can also carry out the two aspects of the work, not only improve efficiency, but also conducive to enhancing effect.

1. How do you improve your website popularity?

website popularity is the source that website lets more user know and self-conscious communication, be equivalent to the public praise of website in the mind of the client. Training the website’s popularity from the following three aspects:

1. to create a distinctive, high-quality website content


web site to let users love, we need to build a website content characteristic and high quality, which is the core of the website to attract users, so in the early stage of development with high quality content or features allow users to impress on the website, the website of word-of-mouth users.

2. cooperates with well-known websites to enhance popularity

as the saying goes "backed by a good shade tree, that is benefit by the powerful forces, on the site, this approach also applies, in website development process, with the same industry in the larger, have been known to carry out some major cooperation, that is to pay some more, by virtue of such cooperation increased site exposure rate, for visibility is good.

3. uses the popular platform to promote


can promote the popularity of the website promotion methods to achieve the purpose of dissemination of mouth cannot do without clever promotion, to make full use of a variety of popular social networking platform, such as SNS, small website platform, by creating unique and compelling content, promote the forwarding, to spread website image, enhance the visibility of the objective.

two, how to improve website brand recognition?

The brand recognition of

website is another important resource that promotes with the popularity and promotes each other. Recognition of the improvement is conducive to increase user confidence in the site and a sense of dependence, so as to enhance user stickiness on the site, improve the site attractive to users, promote the website profit and a series of work. In promoting the degree of recognition methods, you can start from the following points:

1. forms partnerships with well-known sites

has been in the industry for the more famous site of industry website, cooperate with these high-profile sites, with a partnership and marked on the website significant position, so that new users can enhance the site’s recognition and trust, such as webmaster websites can carry out a variety of activities, such as Chinaz and A5 the famous sites to achieve this.

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