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f the P traffic on the site remains stable

everyone can say a lot of methods when talking about website promotion, but there are very few people who really limit these methods to the maximum. Most of the stations still stay where they are. This is also now a lot of PR2 or 3 of the site, traffic is only a few hundred, or even dozens. Some computer experts or people with tickets will use technical means to achieve promotion, such as mass advertising, web pages, IE hijacking, viruses, find people posted top, install plug-ins, set home, and so on. And we are no technology, no money grassroots webmaster how to do? How can we quickly promote the site to get IP? In fact, fast access to IP is not difficult, the difficult thing is to make it into a stable flow.

one, choose a suitable method of promotion

can see a lot of promotion methods in the network, such as network promotion, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, you ask, blog promotion, micro-blog promotion, QQ group, and the current popular SNS…… Only need to use the most suitable methods of their own, do not do too much. If you use blog promotion, you’ll have to build at least ten blogs, each with different themes, and keep it updated every day. If you can update it 3 times a day, it’s better. Blogging brings visitors very slowly, but it’s also the most stable and long-lasting, requiring long, relentless persistence.

using ADSL webmaster, for Baidu know, should be able to do very well. Register several Baidu accounts, one of them ask questions related to the website, and then change IP, cookies, change an account to answer, answer to bring your own web link. At present, if not, but can put the URL into uppercase or full letter input. Then, in a few days, then go to the original account, set your answer to the best answer. I usually work with a friend of mine who works with a webmaster. He asks me to answer, or I ask questions, and he replies, "2 people are much more efficient.".

about Baidu stick, must choose popularity on fire, so that in a short period of time to bring you a lot of traffic. I often in the website related to stick in the hair some posts, the title is also written more attractive, can play some edge ball, after all, in order to attract the present people. Send a post is not all right, because the popularity is too hot, too many people posted, you do not top their own paste, the post will sink immediately. So, top stick is what you have to do every day.

in addition to Baidu post bar, there are Sogou said, Search ask, the end of the world, etc., such a website is still a lot of. As long as your post exists, it will bring you a certain amount of traffic.

two, links

do not remember which webmaster said, the site’s friend chain more than 40, and all link the same keywords, the site’s ranking will certainly be greatly improved, traffic will also increase greatly. By the way, I see many websites have more than N links. Now my website’s links are also >!

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