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How to lock users in automobile websites

website is actually a psychology, we have to try to figure out the psychology of users, for the appropriate crowd, we make the corresponding needs. We can lock our net friends. Here is an example.

is a website for users living conditions, and how to lock our car website users? First of all we must our users such as: Tiger riders subdivision ( network worship this site was divided into riders he will have a car, there is no desire to buy, there are three types of vehicles. For them to make specific analysis, such as: people who have cars, such as bosses, urban white-collar workers, petty bourgeoisie. These will be refined after we will make their demand for different groups of people in modern society, we are to achieve the desire based, they come to your website to do what you can to provide those services for them.

for so many problems, tiger riding friends of the Ministry of operation of the network made a different plan, the site should be based on users, to meet their needs for the purpose. According to these requirements, planning out of such activities, some columns: talk about a car on the city, car equipment, books, travel, friends broke the news, cool area modification Waterpark and maintenance. Now let’s analyze the importance of these columns.

: usually we rarely travel, are busy work, and to the holidays when we certainly want to go out to play. The program is designed to be sent to our usual fun place, what a good activity called on everyone to play together, we can put the content of documentary pictures, on the site let us play you a share of happiness.

talk about a car on the city: let friends have cars to make a comparison, no car I want to buy a car to make a reference, because you can publish your Car Buying program here, and that other users can also give advice and suggestions for you, so they have more time to buy the car in reference (and practical significance the reference is very large). There is like a car users can also drive some of their vehicles in the process of feeling uncomfortable on writing, disdain, cool will emphasize that serious, ha ha.

self driving equipment: we have cars, definitely want to go out on holidays, and that the equipment must not drive less ah, so that you can travel more worry free, you can rest assured that bold road.

notes: this column is specific for the journey we love long-distance travel riders set, we go for a long time, we will make travel, let the back and you want to have the same idea you have a comparison. And can be long experience, when you travel, you can have a preparation and arrangements in advance, and may encounter some problems during travel, but also can be a prevention, how can you do better?.

cool area: now not only can not meet their riders just open a factory powered iron body everywhere crawling, but to do it yourself or find a special place for your own car ", for example, to see others make only superficial changes" the car is very dynamic, running.

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