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Grassroots webmaster entrepreneurial road talk about these two years of entrepreneurial experience

introduction: in the early days of entrepreneurship, blindly pursuing the number of employees, can only meet "when the boss" mentality, I feel in the use of personnel there has been a serious problem.

someone asked me why I want to start a business. In fact, I personally feel that entrepreneurship is not necessarily linked to money. For me, starting a business is just a way of life.

this may and my family, young parents always say me nothing, I dislike others this about me, maybe they are well intentioned to inspire me, but I’m from the time when I decide to make a point to them, in fact, I was at work to study hard, but feel that they pay a lot of sweat, but can not come up with a little success especially the grievance, I remember I once heard a word "ambitious talent achievement" and I was also with this impulse and opinionated attitude into my first entrepreneurial life.

business is risk very high, can say very little chance of success, entrepreneurs also need some good luck, sometimes despite your efforts and your management measures are very thoughtful, but no good luck under everything against you, although the process of entrepreneurship problems is normal but the thing, but a problem will keep you a lot of time, but I am the bad luck of the players, like the rain as I call.

do poineering work for the first time, I was just 20 years old, can be used to describe that when I young, now in retrospect that when he only smile.

after my junior high school is no longer at school, for now the university is about 24 years old before graduation, I feel the time delay, especially in life is the most precious time, so, I began to learn a variety of techniques from the junior high school after graduation, technology learned a lot, but finally feel the most suitable only SEO.

so, my first venture is the goal of the website optimization outsourcing company, because there was also some achievements, also have their own skills for the website optimization, keywords can be said about two hundred of the index, the use of white hat optimization techniques can quickly optimize the home page. That’s why I was so conceited.

in Beijing this place, office environment is out of reach for the start empty-handed entrepreneurs, many people are choosing to start from the residents of the building, I too, was called a few friends, rented a two bedroom house, for the early office environment and office tools also spend a lot of friends. They take care of, and I have to talk about money, and then have their own website to pick a single, although a few days can have a single, but you can also have some meager profits.

company in the early operation is still relatively smooth, but the good times don’t last long for a month or so, continue, we list more and more, and the charge is not very standard, about 200.

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