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Break the local portal site sales sales puzzle puzzles

As long as

enterprises operate, they have endless demand for funds. Making money is the responsibility and obligation of business operators, and only the operators who have failed have really understood the significance of the argument that "making money is the responsibility of an enterprise". The business operators I have seen are indifferent to money making, except for the following situations:

· the money spent is not yours.

· too rich to take the business as a game.

· someone who hasn’t failed yet.

· with money and confidence.

don’t believe that you are the last of these people, this may be a false impression, is a cloud, is legend. As a manager of an enterprise, you have to face up to the fact that you really need to make money. The forefront of money making is sales. Sales aren’t just about making money. It’s also the most valuable way to validate your website model. The customer’s greatest endorsement of your model and your service is to pay for it, and the success of the model must be proven by the sales results.

so, then I surrounding these local portal bosses must have this group of worry about personal gains and losses, sales, "let me joy". The master said that the lesson of failure is more valuable to a man than the experience of success. So we put aside the joy and study the sorrow. To be decent, this is confusion. And I, the number of sales is to fly into a rage, back a few words: "we have no contacts, 1." 2, the customer said, "no effect."." 3, "customers say, do not delete posts, do not want to take money."." 4, "can not do, impossible."."

since the anger can not solve the problem, then, we will rationally analyze the local portal website sales confusion –

1, poor customer awareness

our clients are very rational when they are clients: without recognition, they don’t give money. Trust is trust, and sale is the basis of trust. And our customers as the sales side, you will forget this principle, rampage, bad one after another.

we know, a good advertising effect, a successful activity is to allow customers to recognize the value of our platform. The point behind this is that influence determines everything. Influence is a user habit, the formation of user habits is a long-term process. The complaint about the sales of the original local portal is not without reason – – "the customer doesn’t know us."." What’s the solution? Don’t forget, we’re marketing ourselves too. A strong salesman is able to overcome this problem.

Another aspect of

‘s problem is that the customer knows us, but doesn’t approve of us. Advertising textbooks say customers need to be precise. Academic clients regard professionalism as the highest principle, regardless of PV and conversion rates. This is the customer we cannot on the sacred rules of the religious order.

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