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Grass eclogite and see only a small part from the forum for the future situation

[core tips] with the rise and growth of micro-blog and SNS, the once hot forum began to decline. Whether traditional forums have really started to decline, but we also see that some vertical communities (such as grass, pomegranate) not only do not show signs of decline, or continue to be supported by users. Where should the forum go,


with the rise and growth of micro-blog, SNS and social networks, the once unpopular forums are beginning to show signs of decline. CNNIC has just released the "thirtieth China Internet development report" data show that the current number of users of the BBS forum is about 156 million people, although compared to the previous two report, the number of users have to stop again, but for more than 10 years the BBS forum has been born, the gap with the new micro-blog and social networking sites are continue to expand. Has the traditional BBS forum really begun to decline,



but in contrast, we found that some vertical forum communities do not seem to be affected by the same, but still unpopular, the famous adult forum site – "grass pomegranate" is one of them. Despite the government crackdown on pornographic content, the server room suffered a fire damage, but its appeal to the user is still unabated. Data show that the number of members has more than 200 thousand species of grass (fire on the server after the incident, the community had a short open registration, more than 130 thousand registered members, within two days of the general webmaster was forced to close the open registration), the average stay time of each user reached 10 minutes (compared with this, the horizon, user retention time half), the highest single day posting volume reached 98617, which for a domestic unable to access the website, is quite astonishing. In the forum generally began to decline today, why should grass durian continue to be the support of users?


What’s the problem with the


?How does

improve the quality of user communications?

for those who often visit the forum, I believe that a lot of need for replies, and even charges to view content, download resources is quite a headache. On the one hand, we understand this is to encourage users to interact more, really be able to discuss, rich content and community atmosphere incentives based on the theme, so that users will not only see the content, take the resources go (this phenomenon is quite common, we often see a post hundreds of view resources or download, the reply is scanty). But from the user’s perspective, if a user really want to a theme for discussion, he must not be blunt replies of the integral, resources to download, so the incentive for him and not too much significance. For more people, they probably don’t have any ideas to publish, and the measures to force responses are filled with postings

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