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Content is king or flow is king

is a web site for content or traffic king, which has been a relatively controversial issue. Personally think that the formal station is content for the king; do the general station, traffic is king. To do the content is to do for a long time; do flow is to earn some money. Of course, you can’t make a lot of money if you do well. That’s the problem with personal skills. I do not do regular station, say about the flow of general station.

traffic source is nothing more than the following:

1 pop traffic, this flow is the cheapest, of course, the worst quality;

2 exchange chain flow, this flow is better than the pop-up flow, because some more competitive factors, the price is slightly higher than the pop-up traffic;

3 Advertising flow more formal traffic, that is, buy other stations advertising advertising. Belongs to natural flow, but the quality is not very high;

4 bidding advertising is to do Baidu, Google bidding advertising. Belong to pure natural flow, the quality is best, the price is also highest.

More than

, the four is the general majority of traffic sources.

currently has a lot of traffic on the Internet, traffic, alliances and what, and some click software, belong to cheating traffic. I have tried some of this kind of traffic to do League advertising, basically are K, even if not by K, is also the day of fear of life. Is there a high quality and inexpensive flow? The answer is yes. The Internet is a miracle, as long as you think, you can do wonders. A few days ago, in the A5 forum, see someone selling popups, this is not the general pop, but MP3 pop, that is, put the pop-up to the MP3 page, as long as visitors access, it will pop up the window. It’s really a good idea, huh?.

as long as the idea, there will be traffic!


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