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Personal experience to talk about two ways to optimize the user experience


website should pay more attention to the user experience, Baidu released the "Baidu Internet webmaster Club search engine optimization guide" can be seen in the importance of user experience, search engine changing the nomination algorithm, is to improve the user experience, the same reason, we make friends, should also focus on the user experience first, "the user, the world", the following will be the personal experience about the two optimization methods of user experience.

1: optimizing user experience based on search engines

Most of

‘s traffic comes from search engines, in the maintenance of the website, search engine will be taken into account, only to good performance in the search engine, then the flow is no problem, here we must mention that it is the original content, because the search engine is the most love the original content, so SEO friend, must start from the search engine basic elements, we must remember the focus of work should not be some keywords ranking, but should consider the highest goal of the search engine, search engine by the user, what do search engines are for the user experience. We only have to do the content to win the user, which is also the most effective way to improve the user experience, but also can increase the amount of PV site. It’s the right way to make web content available and get visitors access to useful information and services.

two: optimizing user experience based on site feature configuration

mentioned above is only to attract users to our website up, the user came, how to retain users? This is the site of the optimization problem.

1) user experience on Web Design

page color, format, page design should be done simple, clear and smooth. Let users feel good, just like you go to clothing, let, just into the shop, feeling good, and naturally have the mood to pick clothes. This website is the same reason; in terms of color, the best color in the same page do not exceed three, the main color and secondary color and embellishment color clearly left; "structure: collocation layout, the web page elements. For an article, a good layout can make the context clear and easy for readers to read and understand. In the design of web page structure, to avoid giving a top-heavy feeling, the selection and collocation picture picture words are carefully designed to look.

2) web enabled user experience

‘s so-called "user experience" refers to the ease of use and ease of use of your web site. For a website, the simplicity of the operation and the ease of use of the function are the most important. Page theme to be clear, when the user to a page, to be clear, self explanatory, do not need to spend energy thinking. Site to configure a search box, users can search the information station, but in the design of the search box, but also designed the search classification, design of electronic network like content source, several classification on the line, to let the user understand what he looked for in the classification. For >

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