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Revelations from a hardware portal on the delayed line

believes that many web editors, like me, dream of running their own site some day. However, perhaps because the craving was too obvious, the boss decided to remove me from the portal team and be solely responsible for the company’s Web site. As a result, I have the opportunity to sum up the experience and lessons of portal construction from an onlooker’s point of view.

specifically, creative corporate portal is formed in early July this year, August to complete the planning, and produced by the network company. September, when we discuss the on-line time of the website, was informed that 26 in Yongjia, there is a fourteenth China Hardware Fair, so Mister on the spot finalized, participants, promotion. So the marketing department mobilize manpower, negotiate, exhibition, making propaganda page, the preparatory conference……

however, on the 24 day, the network company suddenly called, let us not easily launch the site, because the site has not yet been seriously tested, there must be some BUG. The network company believes that things tight again, not aggressive, website construction is a skilled work, if out, it must be a very stable website. And they stressed that they know the importance of this event, but it can not be lost if Paul handsome soldier, rush, maybe the vulnerabilities will be more. If so, after the company held an emergency meeting, the website was postponed.

through this incident, I think:

first, the site in the absence of debugging good, or try not to on-line. Really want to live, can be eye-catching position, hanging on a floating ads, that new sites are tense online, welcome comments and suggestions, I think this is out of effect than persist in wilfully and arbitrarily better than some.

second, the company must master the core technology of the portal. For enterprises, one of the absolute profits of the portal, then, for such a core sector, the company must master its core technology. Many bosses always think that, at the early stage of the case is not very abundant funds, through the network company for planning and production, to save costs, but the actual work that, in fact, excluding time factors, as long as a reasonable allocation of independent operation of the team group construction cost, but will be lower than the cost of construction.

third, not ambitious portal construction. Do not see the same industry as other portals have what column, but also the construction of these columns, after all, Rome is not built in a day. Companies should gradually achieve what they want to achieve according to their own strength. Any website needs to retain the space for improvement and perfection. Only by constantly working on the user experience can you really improve the click viscosity.

fourth, deal with anyone. Many people think that the portal can behoove superior, supercilious, in fact. The construction of the website and the fight for the country and the country are a truth. Without the support of the masses, everything is empty talk. And myself >

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