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Talk about the personal experience of using Dede software

just now, I’m still upset about the revision of the happy studio…

right now, I feel very happy because I’ve solved some of the dede:freelist usage problems. I’ve been forced to publish it on my website and share it with my friends, and I hope I can help some friends like me,.

freelist is a new feature of dede5.3 tag. Also called free list tag. Before the Dede to create a list of articles or graphic time can only use {dede:arclist/} tags to call or column data call through the {dede:list/} tag in the section of the page, the two caller type each have advantages and disadvantages, the call data is very flexible, but cannot call paging, the latter can be paged to call.

I’m doing our work happiness studio " column " when you encounter such a situation, we work section is divided into ongoing projects and the previous works of the two column, I want to achieve " previous works " the list page, this is not list. Arclist can not be used. Fortunately, the new function of freelist dede5.3 development can achieve the function of.

but my understanding of the free list of freelist using only the official above some basic introduction of.Freelist and LSIT aren’t actually what difference. Just put the {dede:freelist/} in the list below immediately. Then according to the {dede:freelist/} template tag description are to go below the free list page written specifically for.

although these are easy to understand, and also very easy to do, but I still spent a lot of twists and turns just to solve all sorts of small problems,.

{dede:freelist/} has a problem, in the current list template (my template called work.html), cyclic code free list template pages are written. And then when the preview, click on the column, but found that the so-called {dede:freelist/} doesn’t take effect. What content didn’t!



which I spent more time. May I blame is a novice, as I continued to be careless, I check to have the following error, to solve the problem of.

1, a list of the store address and name list with the specified column and not the same. So the free list of open pages with " our work " column; not even, so when I preview " our work; " time. There was no free data. Please see list figure —–

2, when I modified this, I >

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