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Talking about the content of the website

recently very depressed just quit my job to do nothing at home are on their own to do a website, the content is about entertainment humour picture thinking very well but just set up two days did not feel tired wow. Collecting information everywhere everywhere is not to click on that set flow. Feeling very disappointed until now is not what to click on the website. I write these things on the one hand, on the other hand is whine on everyone clicked on hey thank you for the first of course what is slowly step by step out to worry should not eat hot tofu. I hope what is going to be okay. Wish you all the.

has been looking around for a long time, the network business, once to a business advertising, is a Wangzhuan tutorial. After having been moved, have this website, empty net swims, what did not know at first just, also do not know how to make money with the website. Once met a friend taught me on the advertising alliance application, such as what achievement Ali mother finally put on the advertising, content began to the direction of the site to make trouble, site navigation, and now such a big push, the most successful is the hao123 website to focus on doing. Want to start from the content of navigation. Think much, little game site navigation do first but not successful, as many as such. Among other, also want to focus on Web content navigation, each are not successful. See a play game site, ready a lot of information ready to upload to space, hateful is the type of space, not suitable for playing games such websites, because the space demand is not enough, so have to give up. Of course, do video forums, and so on are not, and this kind of large space, I poor only 400M. Such a small space can only do the web sites, because the time before the site was down for the comedy is a kind of website, so just start not agree with this kind of website what health consultation, entertainment news and so on, a good day to see Wangzhuan site, this kind of website is the purpose of the people earn, it should be good, the problem appeared again, want to have the original web content can be downloaded to the web page, not to find, of course to cooperate with them, certainly can fix, but the heart of the total rejection of such cooperation. Finally put a helpless website together, including health counseling website funny entertainment news, as long as the plan is down to the section in the article just come in, when to see a collection of the "flow" of the article is king, was awakened.

sum up, the original do is useless, in fact, the website content is not important, just don’t do website dedicated to the content, should be based on the flow, or their efforts to do traffic, or buy traffic, as a novice to buy traffic in general does not work, only rely on their own to do a lot of traffic flow, the method. This is to spend a great effort, can not act with undue haste, to step by step.

looked, and now the content of the web site first integrated site: http://s.kk008>

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