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What are white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets in electronic commerce


Leon was published in thirty and chestnut

can be said that the electronic commerce website integrated basically is like the human body, or as a basket case, he is a commodity, consumers and employees which have normal operation, and the three party as the body of the white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, I they are defined as follows:

commodity suppliers are white blood cells: they provide immunity, attack pathogens and foreign objects, and are responsible for white blood cells.

consumers are red blood cells: they deliver oxygen to the body, mostly red blood cells.

employees are platelets: the clotting function is responsible for platelets.

strong white blood cells can be a super defense system of the electronic commerce website, with a real case to illustrate more clearly, is before the Yahoo shopping center will require key suppliers signed their exclusive supplier contract, assuming that your shopping sites will be UNIQLO, lativ, Tokyo, Tianmu strictly selected clothes on you the shopping website exclusive sales, you will establish the super competition threshold, other shopping sites difficult to break through the attack and defense is as a whole.

red blood cells (consumers) to bring oxygen to your shopping website (money), red blood cell number or the oxygen carrying capacity is too low will cause dizziness, anemia, then you will need to "blood transfusion", while the plasma bag is very expensive, so you should take good care of your red blood cells, timely supplements, vitamins (consumer loyalty plan), avoid fading red blood cells are dead.

and platelet (site staff), one of the most important work is to find out the wound, avoid white blood cells, red blood cells from the wound drain, find the wound after platelet coagulation play must work together the wound closed up.

therefore healthy white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets three common components of your ecommerce website, we often see e-commerce industry mistakes are constantly buying bags of blood transfusion, but ignore the white blood cells is not strong enough, keep bleeding wounds, the result is a vicious spiral of massive transfusion (such as buying Yahoo the home page advertising into the flow, it was unable to make improvements to the end) can not afford to buy a blood bag.

so my advice is also thinking about the three party needs you resources must be white blood cells he needs is a good environment, such as healthy red blood cells to oxygen, a good system (e-commerce background), a good defensive weapons (promotion system flexible) health monitoring, radar (provide a good report, and analysis) of red blood cells, platelets maintain good communication channel is smooth and so on.

platelets need proactive attitude and problem solving, teamwork, and quick response

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