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Wild boar 631 rules for updating content in industry websites

First of all thank the

platform network owners to provide us with the out of order, before the name continued to cast a lot of releases, but estimated nobody knows. From today onwards, the unified use of this network name sharing, today is the "industry website content updates 631 rules", we hope to help.

now everyone knows the importance of website updates and the importance of original articles. Can be updated every day how much content, update what content, how to come to these content, it is estimated that personal webmaster is still the most troublesome thing every day. Oneself also did a few years individual stationmaster, share individual experience to everybody.

"6" – 60% of the article, in fact, only need to do simple pseudo original processing. Modify the title, modify the description, the first paragraph, and the last paragraph. The source of the information varies from person to person and to choose from. Of course, the main source is portal, search engine news source, industry related enterprise website, each big portal, blog and so on.

, this is industry news.

"3" – 30% article can do a simple mining, paragraph reordering, rearrange the text, supplementary articles related to the information content, can even put a few articles into a few articles, or re edited into a few articles. This kind of arrangement takes time, but the difficulty is not very high. Basically, it can be said that it is a highly original article.

this can be industry related news and reviews.

"1" – 10% article, if the ability can also, I suggest to write. According to the current industry hot spots, write an analysis of the class or comment class articles. Not only can you exercise your writing skills, but it will also allow you to think about your chosen industry and improve your understanding of the industry from the other side of the writing process.

in this case, if you can guarantee a stable 6, 3, basically can guarantee the website every day content updates, can meet visitors and search engines. As for 1, it may be difficult at first. Don’t be afraid of your poor writing, for no one knows who you are except yourself. And so much experience, and his writing naturally better.

as long as the industry is not very big, 10 updates per day are enough.

website update, your station insists. If you can guarantee the rule of 631, website updates per day and update I believe, after a period of time, your website has enough content to attract users and stick to the spider.

simple sharing, word roughness is not rough. Website first: reprint please explain.

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