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Only by using one’s strengths can entrepreneurship be successful

is the hero of the story is to use their computer expertise from business success. The station master is also worth seeing.

walks into a Digital Plaza in the northeast corner of Shanghai, where hundreds of IT stores don’t know which one to choose.

in such a competitive market, there is a store to help people assemble computers and solve all kinds of computer problems as the main business, and has been growing in recent years. Wang founder of the shop, just two years ago from a university graduate students looking for a job to run around here and there busy, still read in Wang senior decided to own a business.

University, Wang computer literate students are often pulled away with the computer, computer hardware and software in the friend who is out of the question, the first thought is always in the course of time, he, he was dubbed the "computer doctor" reputation.


decided to start his own business, Wang decided to take full advantage of his specialty. Then, he and 3 has the same idea of entrepreneurial partners, jointly founded a company called "student computer home shop, mainly for the student market, computer assembly, as they exclude software problems, and will choose location relatively concentrated in the northeast corner of the city of the university.

"as far as the current market situation is concerned, the same 4000 yuan offer has more than ten kinds of computer configuration schemes, but there are not many students. Besides, different students use different computers for different purposes.". My classmates and I came from students, and soon after graduation, we could better understand what they wanted than others." Wang quite proudly told reporters about his entrepreneurial experience.

relies on "quality is good, service is intimate, the price is reasonable" management position, Wang’s shop opened soon before it was favored by students nearby. In the first year of the store, more than 500 computers were installed, and profits were considerable by helping others solve software problems.

second years, Wang and three partners have earned their lives the first pot of gold. Wang told reporters, because in recent years, the university enrollment expansion continues, so the store sales continue to grow, this year’s sales are expected to exceed 20 million yuan.

entrepreneurial experience is the most valuable

graduated from university just over two years ago and has earned the first pot of gold in his life. Wang is no doubt the envy of many of his peers. However, talking about his own entrepreneurial experience, Wang believes that the greatest wealth gained is entrepreneurial experience, not the Bibi money.

, he said, "the road to entrepreneurship is unlikely to be smooth sailing. When you run, you run into a period of bad management and poor performance, but these setbacks have never made him give up.". He remembers the words of a well-known enterprise Mister said: young people want to start their own business, money is not the most important, the important thing is to dare to think, dare to risk, good at learning, good at getting experience from practice. This sentence >

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