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Starting from 0, build a professional PSP game website

09 years I had a crush on PSP, so I made a PSP professional website, this article is written by in the process of the heart, then I straightened out the appropriate reference for everyone to write, don’t scold me, I was the top write to me power: < / p>

1.2 days after the website is released, second days PR updated, still did not catch up. We’ll have to wait for the next update. In the three months after the exchange connection compared with a negative three days after Google included ten pages, Yahoo included sixty pages, yodao also included, but the lack of Baidu I wonder whether Baidu love put all the pages are then climbed out.

analysis of the number of daily check up the search crawler climb with iislog, Baidu 640 times a day or so, Google and Yahoo in 3500 or so, then at another visit to a large amount of station, Baidu is 12330, Google is seventeen thousand. Yahoo twenty thousand.

can see Baidu crawl number is relatively small, it is also possible that Baidu often requires nearly a month before the release of the new sites included one of the reasons to page 11, for more than a week later, update one thousand to two thousand new flash games every day, a lot of friends to help make the link. Google included less than two hundred pages, Baidu is still not included in the IIS log, found that since yesterday afternoon Baidu spider climb the home page, about ing16 days, two week long time Baidu has included the home page, the snapshot time is number 9.

23, Baidu snapshot time is 22. Google ranked two hundred, included 6500, Baidu ranked 79, included home page, Baidu spider is still crawling home, suddenly found 24 Baidu spiders crawl a page, but the page I found it, and found no outreach, do not know why suddenly climb up this page hoping to start included.

began to find friendship links, all the small game station webmaster QQ collection, and added QQ, most of all not by adding friends. Added to see is new sites, no PR, Baidu included poor also ignore, only two friends to help exchange the connection.

26, Baidu snapshot update today on the 25 day, game rankings to 80, this time Baidu spider gradually every day only to climb a dozen times home, mostly in 200064, one or two and 20000. while the same station snapshot update relatively fast, but the spider did not climb the page, only included the first time, nearly a month after the Thursday, or 26 days update have great expectations, the results still disappointed.

very worried, although it is for users to serve, not to do garbage station, but in the dominant position of Baidu is not included, very terrible. There are SEO experts who want to see if there is anything under instruction

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