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The theft from Shuangcai network domain, consider nternet Security

today is April 3rd, the morning of Beijing, the weather is good, the wind is not large, the sun is lazily shining, in the early cold early spring when people feel a ray of warmth. I went to bed at 9 last night. I thought I had a holiday today. I was in a good mood.

at this time I did not know a thing has happened, almost ruined Shuangcai network 4 years painstaking achievement, almost ruined us a hard team operation, promotion and maintenance of all fruit, almost to the site of accumulated hard people, even destroy the reputation. Yes, everything is "almost", because our final result is good, not let the criminals to succeed, Shuangcai network also timely recovery normal operation.

and all this is because the domain name has been stolen.


story is like this: April 2nd at 10 pm, color network staff to access the website, the website content found very different, appear in front of a with a Trojan virus in shreds and patches, and recognition "Shuangcai network". After further verification by technical engineers, was basically identified as being stolen by a person whose name was Zhou, and the domain name of the website was directed to a server in Shanghai.

April 3rd 9 pm, we contact the domain where the Registrar of Beijing network company, get a let us feel very angry, was surnamed Zhou criminals using fake certificates, the domain password theft! Shuangcai network has more than 200 thousand registered users, the number of daily visits to more than 100 thousand flow, millions, if the domain name cannot be retrieved or delayed for a long time to get it back, no doubt on the company’s operation is a devastating blow.


today or normal working day, we immediately put forward business consulting to million net, and quickly the company submitted a relevant qualification certificate, and by our website engineers personally to the company to negotiate a million net, 2 in the afternoon, the password again back in the hands, the domain name back to our domain name, the user can also be normal visit.

Shuangcai network is a total of more than 300 thousand registered users of the website, and the daily number of visitors more than 100 thousand passengers, traffic millions, theft during the domain name, keep the user calling about the site, have reflected not normal visit etc.. One can imagine that this unexpected incident does harm to the user, increasing the cost of all parties.

domain name theft is not uncommon, on the one hand may be the domain management, transfer, transfer of management is not perfect or loopholes result, in addition, also shows that the criminals are always staring at some of the larger flow, and the large number of users of the site, expected by illegal means to obtain the user account password, or simply the name of the site to misappropriation of bank fraud crime. It was unfortunately at Shuangcai network, and password was stolen, but fortunately, we in the fastest time.

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