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Misunderstanding of enterprise website construction

when you develop a product, you must perform good performance tests. Including interface testing and functional testing. The performance test is directly related to the quality of the product and the popularity after its introduction.

navigation chaos

‘s confusing navigation design often leaves the viewer confused and lost. Therefore, you must have a good plan for the overall architecture of your website. For example: at the top of each page of the style of a unified navigation bar, the bottom of the general placement of company information and copyright text. For sites with complex content, you can provide a site map that explicitly tells the viewer the classification and use of the information on the site. Of course, you also have to provide a keyword search engine on your web site, which allows users to find the information they’re interested in at the least amount of time.

scrolling text, looping playback of GIF and FLASH abuse,

do not place scrolling elements on your web page. It causes the viewer to put his attention on the picture and sit still and read the text. FLASH technology enriches our web pages and uses it appropriately to drive the viewer’s mood and to increase the amount and popularity of the site. NIKE and Macromedia’s website is a good example. Now, we can often see FLASH technology is abused, when you read that theme and irrelevant animation, do not know what you think? You will cheer for that animation? Maybe you will only complain, I wasted so much time. This is really a web designer’s sorrow.

web art forms are garish, designed for design, and misused by JAVA and JAVASCRIPT


page is full of pictures that have nothing to do with the content. Some sites place large pictures, or even BMP format pictures, or use lots of JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, and DHTML. Slow Web downloads. I believe that no user will be interested in waiting for a long time. Users do not care about why the download time is so long, so slow, they will just think: this website is not good, it takes me a lot of time, but long error, this website service is not good, not for the sake of users. In this way, the user’s confidence in the site greatly reduced, I believe in the future will rarely visit your site.


generally, if the download time of the page exceeds 15 seconds, the browser will automatically abandon it.

uses frame

uses frames in a web page to destroy basic web user patterns. A series of problems, users can not collect the current page, can not print web pages. Compatibility of web pages on different platforms and browsers.

good websites should always take into account the user’s feelings. The compatibility of good websites in different operating platforms and browsers must be taken into account. Although, I>

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