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New station SEO and website construction modification steps

Hello, I am a custom site or city life long, I do SEO, my site from June last year to July this year the station a year by SEO and Wikipedia blog promotion flow to day IP2000, SEO is the most small and medium-sized site main traffic sources, so it is important to say. Because the site is gambling sites dedecms vulnerabilities, frenzied attack, and eventually had to replace the program, now use phpcms to site, in addition to the company with a new station, how many people do in the face of a just installed the new station to know, on this occasion to share the railway station and SEO network station construction modification steps, looking comments.

CMS is the first choice for small and medium-sized sites, first of all, personal comments on the three major open source portal CMS features for reference and selection.

one, the overall optimization of

1, create channel column

2, SEO

, ZhengZhan channel column set

keyword layout is the most important, the main station industry words, channels, columns, hot targets, keywords, articles, pages, countless long tail words.

3 and URL rules

uses a master / column / article ID three URL in the column can be directly created. Select the root directory and the article page naming rules will date can be deleted, need to modify the phpcms column, the article page URL rules: extended -url rules

4, column, article page title shortened

CMS the default column page title is: column name channel name site SEO title (long); the default page title: the title column name channel name site SEO title in order to optimize and appearance, we need to revise the SEO title – custom website name (delete); Article Title – custom website name CMS modify the

different not tired

5, mail, mail,

member registration mailbox, mail settings, the default is signed by the program developer mailbox, developers, mailboxes and mail are to customize.

6 and 404 page

sets custom 404, 400, 500, etc. on the virtual space panel, making and uploading 404.html to the root directory of the web.

7, link open,

channel column uses the current window, the article page, the new window.

8, upload logo, watermark, and 50 universal watermarks with pictures in reserve.

9, share button: phpcms has default, others can install Baidu share.

10, statistical software: Baidu statistics, cnzz.

11, ad alliance

personal webmaster do >

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