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Present situation and evaluation of agricultural information website construction in China

with the development of Internet, information technology has become more and more widely used in agriculture in china. In recent years, government departments at all levels have attached great importance to the construction of agricultural information websites. Although the construction of agricultural information websites started late, the development of agricultural information websites is very fast. According to the information center of the Ministry of agriculture statistics, China’s agricultural websites have been less than 200 in 1998, and developed to more than 2000 by the end of 2200. The author uses the search engine system of statistics, by the end of March 2008, China’s agricultural website has been increased to 6389, more than the developed countries such as France and Canada, if coupled with the Taiwan and Hongkong agriculture website, the agricultural website Chinese can be ranked top 5 in the world in the number of. Domestic agricultural websites are mainly concentrated in Beijing and the major coastal provinces. The number of agricultural websites in the western region is relatively small. Shandong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong are among the top five, accounting for 50.38% of the total.

1 domestic agricultural website construction present situation

China’s agricultural web site owners generally divided into three categories: one is the establishment of agricultural agricultural information website at all levels of government departments, is the main macro guidance on agricultural development in the region, providing practical agricultural technology, market information, promotion of agricultural policies and regulations, agricultural investment projects such as information service, information service has the authority, the comprehensive range of services and regional common characteristics. Two is the agricultural information website established by the agricultural research and education department. It mainly provides the relevant information of agricultural science and technology, and has the characteristics of professional authority. For example, the peanut business network of china. Three agriculture related enterprises to establish the information website, is generally around the business scope, publicity and promote their own products and technical services, to develop the electronic commerce, has the characteristics of advertising and service, that enterprise profit as the ultimate goal,.

from table 1 lists all kinds of websites in recent years the development of comparative figures, the total number of domestic agricultural websites grew rapidly, but mainly concentrated in the establishment of corporate self promotion website, accounting for domestic agricultural website 82.56%; agricultural government paid considerable attention to the agricultural website, number of sites also have established the obvious growth accounted for 11% of the total number of domestic agricultural website. From the end of 2000 to the end of March 2003, the number of agricultural research institutions website almost no growth, only the total number of domestic agricultural site 2.6%, which is growing with the majority of users of agricultural science and technology information needs of the formation of a strong contrast.

domestic agricultural website information content covers all major aspects of agriculture and rural economy, involving 13 major categories and 127 subcategories, and some sites involve multiple categories. According to the statistics, by the end of March 2008, the agricultural website according to the content of professional information classification as shown in table 2:

can be seen from table 2, the classification of agricultural websites provides the first five categories are: rural and agricultural economy, policies and regulations and management, planting, forestry and agricultural products processing. Most sites cover multiple categories of information.


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