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Talk about how to quickly update Baidu included health Web site

recently my little Baidu health station every day to update, update the fastest time just add content less than 10 minutes, I began to wonder, before Baidu at least a week to visit my station, how the recent visit so frequently? How would like to figure out, but look back there may, mainly the following 2 reasons:

1, I insist every day update the article, and the main source of several major news community, every article I have made some small changes, such as change the title, change the abstract, I think there is to delete some unnecessary content. But there are direct COPY come over, I made the observation, direct COPY come over rarely included, unless it is Baidu search, can only search to one or two. There is a expired more than 10 days of documents, COPY come almost no included, may not know is my station, small or what, just add up just a amount of it.

2, to some of my interest in the BBS to stroll around, pour a water, but I have in my signature below, I leave the link. Go to the forum also has a skill, make posts become more popular posts, best can become the hottest posts, it is necessary to catch the main forum for this crowd hobby, but generally the beauty and the girls are hot topics, so Baidu patronize the number of times on May, along it climbed to the station I come oh.

ha ha, do a useful station is I have been thinking, I think more or from the content of up to, gather some of the users are useful content to stand up, by the users attention, Baidu will naturally come to. Small station really seems to be Baidu fell in love with. For a long time health network in advance I wish you a good health station Nagato, a happy festival!!! Do we exchange friends health station, QQ531002970. A5 first, please keep the

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