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New station 15 days love station weight up 1 actual combat experience share

first come to you a question: what kind of the most touching, resonate? And say to me: [true] is the best explanation, here I will share how to push network ( love station weight in a month to 1, hope for the new hand help, below the share is big because of dry cargo, do not know how much, understand may not be useful, easy to use method is king!!!

first: here is the time for the domain name:


website is 6.20 applications, in fact, in July 26 on-line, because during this period to modify the site style, delayed the on-line time, and there is to do the basic data before submission..

, you can see the real statistics below:



site is included in number 9, which is the Baidu inspection period:

7-26 to 8-9

during this period, take a look at the 360 and Baidu included difference: (Google will not study, included hundreds of content.) look at the picture:


love station weight from such a short time to do, 1 is how to optimize up?? below share your dry experience.

optimization methods are many, gimmick miscellaneous seven disorderly 8, online a lot of methods you can try, I just said I do the work….

1, the content of the website


first said to him, because I was not going to start to do Baidu optimization, I know Baidu optimization is done, the plan I have is the site only yourself, no matter what search engines like Taobao, customers also use advertising to pull customers propaganda tasks, personally, to not buy a Baidu account, main target customers, you can see how I put Baidu! So I insist on collecting web content and original information, because I do not want to let the content of the website is to copy and paste, the fundamental one is of no use, this proposal can be collected to the novice webmaster oneself the site, do the anchor text, save time but also conducive to the website optimization. Don’t want to spend time… If you spend money to buy


2, the site of the chain

was a commonplace talk of an old scholar has a point: first, I did not buy any of the chain, is to send the quiz in the active site, write the original share, then the chain with the bottom of the original, believe things with links or get Adsense recognition, if this is intolerable, the station to wood do very successful, or never!

recommended original release area: A5, >

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