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Wang Jianlin said in his speech, the original Wanda nternet + layout is like this


note: the first "Internet plus retail" Zijin summit held in Nanjing Suning headquarters meeting, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin made a keynote speech.

below is Wang Jianlin speech memoir, turn from sina science and technology, content has abbreviate:

General Secretary Xi stressed that two things in the last month of the forum, the core is Chinese has strong industrial, industrial confidence is the center of this win is very important, the Internet economy in the past few years, the concept of the Internet, to tell the truth at that time how many people worry, worry is the virtual economy is mentioned such a high altitude, in the world is not seen, but also in the whole world can not find a Chinese revitalization of virtual economy to enhance the real economy out of a road of development, this is not seen. So when the prime minister Li Keqiang proposed this year NPC and CPPCC Internet plus the word, I think my worry is eliminated, the second look at this a simple Internet economy and Internet plus economic changes, the Internet changed + represents the thinking changed, ideas change direction change, not only the development of the Internet, the Internet only to line this way, is the Internet and industrial integration, the integration of online and offline, this can only be true for the development of Internet industry for our long-term sustainable development to find some direction, so the foundation added a word, is a major change in China government thought development, emphasizing the integration of online and offline, as long as the next one is the Internet on the one hand is the industry development direction.

now because Wanda is the full implementation of the asset light, it is because in the past heavy asset mode through the sale of cash flow and investment square is too slow, but this pattern is also affected by a low limit, is the price we can’t go into the area, if prices less than 6000 yuan not to earn money, so we do not enter the city go to the city, so many urgent need we go in, because the past prices cause we can’t go into. Now the asset light model, with others money, property rights of others, the vast majority of people rent, we only provide the design, investment, services, after the pattern down, opened up a train of thought for a while, as long as all the more than 400 thousand people in the city can go in, as long as we analyze 35-40 million people you feed a dozen square meters of Wanda Plaza, opened the way of thinking. Asset light model implementation, means that Wanda Plaza large acceleration, these are the urgent need of our Internet data to provide support, so the first thing we Internet plus business, the data center we named Wanda electricity company, Robin Li made a part of this company in the future, the main goal is to collect data of these consumers in the future, big data will then be sold to other companies, such as selling our own business, this is the first thing we Internet plus business.

second Internet plus financial, regardless of how the model, cash cash flow pattern will not change. We have access to so many cash flows that need to be translated into financial conglomerates

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