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The inertia of the rookie web administrator actually improves his value


alliance development today, Baidu alliance, Google Adsense, Taobao alliance, customer alliance, alliance, alliance, Yiqifa horse achievement net, billion advertisement alliance, in their own areas of development is good, income is still the biggest Baidu alliance. To understand with hundreds of webmaster contact, only to exit from the GOOGLE China after what many small owners is the last resort with Baidu alliance, after adding Baidu alliance code, can keep good relationship with Baidu, as Baidu K out, after all, a major source of traffic in the most small webmaster in Baidu search engine. In this case, once the Baidu alliance released some of this news, for the small owners, to get a good card, must add Baidu code.

before I published an article, said that only included more in order to get a better flow, was also suffered some criticism, look at today’s Taobao Baidu has been blocked off, just confirmed what I said before, under normal circumstances, the site must have content, can have very good included, traffic is large enough.

why do you say that the inertia of small Adsense, but enhance their value!


first of all, no matter what coalition, there is always a small amount of code added to the page to display an affiliate ad. CPC, multiple forms of advertising at CPA, CPM, CPS, determines a webmaster to get well into the Union had to constantly change the code, compared to a few dollars, in the course of time, for a small webmaster, this is absolutely unacceptable, gradually gave up the alliance keen management level.

second, stationmaster is very pure actually, it is to hope to be able to have wealth accumulation and value promotion. When wealth can not be guaranteed or not show value, then the station of Changning can own platform without any code, not for a few hundred dollars per month months of hard won and hard, after all, many owners now have their own business. A website is a platform for expressing yourself and communicating yourself.

third, the post settlement policy of the alliance company. For the webmaster, into the number, is to see their income through the alliance system, can have alliance webmaster all understand one thing, the earlier GOOGLE ADSENSE constantly blocked some sites Chinese, because some web site linked to a period of time can be the final code, because some problems and failed to get sinks to the ocean the USD remittance, the other Union does not rule out such a situation, no wonder the alliance company shouted settlement of such commitment.

so, the status quo is the basic way of advertising alliance or the lowest advertising packages to attract owners, and small companies, like Yiqifa, horse and other achievements, present the cooperation of small owners have less and less, Baidu and GG, there are some small owners to participate in the alliance cooperation.


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