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Personal movie website refinement, novelty is king

personal movie site do well, really can bring great traffic, because the data is more. Usually, there are many movies and TV plays on a movie website, which leads to a large number of long tail words. But the premise is to so many long tail word optimization well, personal movie website is still a lot of people love most types of Web sites, then operating their own personal website on what profit? Is actually advertising, I also often go to some small personal cinema movie website. Compared with PPTV, Tudou, Youku, and other large video sites, what do individual movie sites rely on to retain visitors? Without a certain amount of IP, there is no advertising revenue. Operating personal movie sites should first consider why users have to choose personal movie sites instead of large video sites like PPTV and potatoes.


problem is easy to explain, this user group can be divided into three categories: first, a part of the user does not have to watch movies on PPTV, potatoes and other major video websites habits, just use Baidu Search, then just point a link, as long as the video quality and good speed is ok. Second, in a few big video portal, can not find the movies you want to see, or watch these movies, but also charges. Third, the new movie or TV series, several major video portal station updates too slowly. Through the above simple analysis, we will understand the target audience of personal movie website, personal movie website operation needs refinement, novelty, quantity not much.

Jing: it has been a fire video, many users like to watch


for now 80, 90 young people, I am afraid it is known If You Are The One. Among them there are many very classic guests, the guests to the audience left a deep impression, such as: Meng, Liu Jiani If You Are The One If You Are The One snow and so on, from the Baidu index can be seen in the keyword search volume also many. There is also a entertainment program: Kangxi is here, and these two are classic entertainment programs. In addition to the type of entertainment programs, and some of the stars of the movie album there are a lot of users to search, for example: Andy Lau Stephen Chow movie album, album, movie, actually a movie star album can do a movie website. There is a lot of data on a movie site, and it’s impossible for an individual to run a movie site to spend enough time and energy. So you can imitate many large video sites, do feature pages, and then focus on optimizing these pages, or simply use the main domain name to do some popular entertainment.

new: pay attention to the latest film and television trends, grasp the most wanted movie or TV drama


recent television series "Xuanyuan sword tianzhihen" is very fire, I also watch every week, but I found the video website update slowly, not some personal website updates, may be the problem of copyright of TV drama. Baidu >

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