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New English station, a little lost

I was a nine month old webmaster, only a website, the website did not earn what money, and I rely on SEO to now probably earned 1200RMB. now started school, and I am ready to attack English station. Here is some of my good experiences and bad experience


good experience: a basic understanding of some foreign websites and blogs in the mode of development, is to seriously do a like website. You can write a blog dedicated to SONY mobile phone, the first hand the original copyright. If said rotten, will not say. The other is a member of the promotion website published an article. I think.

can be assured

bad experience: as the beginning, their mentality is not stable enough. Now very impetuous, that I have lost the original station. I also want to do a what kind of website? What is the website to make ADSENSE or PPC? So I repeated consideration, time is over half.


below, I would recommend some foreign websites, they are pretty strong.

SMOSH, whateverlife, had to get out so many sites, in a word, making a station to do station. In addition I suggest that ADMIN5 have a English station exchange area, we want to enter the international


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